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Jaimie Engle writes dark thrillers where magic turns ordinary into extraordinary. She loves weaving lore into her novels and creating the Stories that Shape You through JME Books. Engle cosplays her characters and invented WickBooks® story-scented candles where readers Experience the Story. She is available for school visits, conferences, and conventions! Discover more at

September 6, 2018

Welcome back!

This week I'd like to feature another of my amazing author friends. I had the pleasure of meeting Jaimie through the Brevard Renaissance Fair back in 2016. Jaimie is an amazing woman and a fearless advocate against bullying. Her books cover the subject of accepting people as they are and that is a subject I am equally passionate about. She also attends schools and does anti-bullying presentations.  One of the things I love most about Jaimie is that she cosplays the characters from her books. She commissioned me to make a Viking shoulder piece for a character from her book "Dreadlands". It remains one of my favorite pieces and I always get such a thrill when I see her in it.  If you are looking for someone to come speak to your school about the importance of acceptance and how to deal with bullies, I can recommend no one higher. 

Check out her website at


If you get the chance to try one of her candles, they are gorgeous and smell divine! I have two of them in my bathroom even as we speak.

Remember to support your local artists and authors and come back next week for my next featured friend!

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