In the Spotlight

September 26, 2018

 This week I'd like to feature a truly gracious and caring woman, Debra Thornton. Debra is the owner of Youth in Harmony, the music director for Unity of Melbourne, director at Olde Tyme Carolers, co-writer and director for Bard Lite and teaches vocal classes as well as Yogamomba. She lives her life as crazy busy as I do and has my deepest admiration. 

I had the honor of meeting Debra when we performed together in "All Shook Up" at the Henegar Center for the Arts. That's right, in addition to everything else, she is an amazing singer and actress! She would help the entire cast stretch and warm up before each performance and I use the tricks she taught me to this day.

Our paths crossed again as part of Brevard Renaissance Fair. Debra is one of the core group of leaders for the Fair and a strong reason for its success. She has a way of working with people that lets you feel heard, feel valued and feel needed.  Coming up in 2019, I will be reprising my role of Peter Quince in the Bard Lite version of Midsummer's Night Dream and every year it is a pure delight to be a part of this rambunctious 20 minute edit of the bard's masterpiece.

If you are looking for a great vocal coach, I highly recommend her. She also teaches prenatal, postnatal and preschool yoga. I know she is deeply passionate about bringing health and song to both parents and children. Debra is deeply embedded in her community and I, for one, am deeply grateful for her.  

Check out her website @ 


Or follow her on Facebook @ Youth in Harmony or Debra Thornton!


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