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Melbourne Academy Stage Kombat

With over 40 years of combined experience performing throughout Florida, Rick and Donna bring their talents and expertise in character development and stage violence to M.A.S.K. (Melbourne Academy Stage Kombat).   They have performed in everything from plays, film, corporate and private events, faires and festivals. They have directed and choreographed fights for film, plays, theater in the round, Sci Fi conventions, corporate events, and private parties.  They have taught a wide variety of character development & definition classes for many venues including theatre in the round and period faire cast.  They have studied with and been inspired by many Fight Directors and Certified Instructors from The SAFD (Society of American Fight Directors) and other stage violence organizations.  It is their goal to bring the art of safe and exciting staged violence to our little part of the world with hopes that our students and associates will likewise spread their love for the art.  As Rick and Donna are fond of saying….  There’s always time for a good fight!

October 22, 2018

       What a wonderful crazy week its been. I really truly am blessed by just how artistic and creative my life has become and all of the wonderful people it has led me to. I was lucky enough to see my connections for this week just this past weekend. “O Holy Knight” written by Terry Cronin and directed by Robby Sparks premiered at the Melbourne Independent Film Festival. Donna, Rick, and their gorgeous daughter Dama Moore were all actors in the film. It was wonderful to see how many of the local actors and actresses were in attendance for the premiere. 

      I first met Donna and Rick Moore when I joined The Brevard Renaissance Fair. They had long been members of the Ren Fair Community and they were warm and friendly and a huge part of the fun I had that first year. Enough fun that I knew I wanted to be part of it and here we are today. Rick and Donna have vast experience in working with actors for medieval and period piece productions. They have established the Melbourne Academy of Stage Kombat and are responsible for the amazing fight scenes of the Robin Hood production at the Brevard Renaissance Fair 2018. They are also behind the scenes running the lane characters and working on a new show for 2019.

Rick and Donna stress the importance of safety and training whenever a fight is being used. From film to live action, anytime a fight scene is called for, professionals are needed. This is one area of filming that seems obvious only when you think about it. When you have professionals choreographing a fight scene, it looks like they were never on set. That’s the beauty and the importance of what they do.


If you’d like to learn more, Rick and Donna from Melbourne Academy of Stage Kombat will be the guest speakers for Brevard Film and Talent’s November meeting. Join us on November 12th at the Henegar Center for the Arts at 6:30pm.


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