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Since I have a rather long commute, 45 minutes 1 way on a regular day, I've been filling the time with Youtube and Twitch. Since I got caught up on the first campaign of @CriticalRole, my schedule is normally Mon-Wed, Critical Role's latest episode. Sat to Mon, Shield of Tomorrow's latest episode. But... Wed to Fri, I have been listening to Ted Talks on Youtube. There are days I have to switch to radio just so my head won't explode from too much new information. This morning, I listened to a talk by a woman named Lisa Mcinnis-Smith and I share with you the inspiration from her.

"The most important words you will ever hear in your whole life are the words you say to yourself, about yourself. What are the words that you wear everyday like a banner, and did you put them there or did someone else."

The labels we wear do not have to be placed upon us. We can change them, we can change everything. The next time that little voice inside your head starts downtalking you, tell it to shut up. You don't have to replay the same tape over and over in your head. Write a new one, break the chains of being what you have been told you are and be free to be who you know you can be.

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