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2018 MegaCon Lineup

Well, the last weekend before Megacon is over and I managed to complete my Edna Mode cosplay. For Edna, I decided to not go according to any posted art but to do what Edna would do and make her own statement piece. I reference a LOT of design in this piece, as simple as it may look. It took me about a week of designing to figure out exactly how I wanted to put these materials together. My inspiration for this piece came from the images in the preview for Incredibles 2, which you can view here. I'm putting this in as my Thursday cosplay because I have a Frozone and Mr. Incredible who will be cosplaying with me Thursday. You can catch me for sure at the Central Florida Steampunk display where I will be serving as an Airdock Warden from 6:30pm to 9:30 pm.

After finishing Edna Mode this weekend, I read an amazing article this morning, which explains more about Edna's background. The design I chose fits her even better given the new information. I invite all of you to read the post on costuming for an animated movie and Edna Mode's ethnicity HERE.

I'm still not sure exactly what I will be doing on Friday. It might be a day of several easier cosplays. Right now Iris from American Horror Story has a very strong possibilty as does Merriweather from Sleeping Beauty.

Saturday will be Steampunk Ursula and I will be working at the Central Florida Steampunk Association as a Parasol Dueling Assistant from 3:30 to 5:30.

Sunday is going to be Tala, although I am seriously considering breaking out Tala on Friday as well just because she came out SO good and I love playing her so much.

Looking forward to seeing so many friends at Megacon 2018. If you see me, stop and say hello. Don't be shy, goodness knows I'll talk enough for both of us most likely and it is always great to meet old friends and make new ones as well.

Let's make some amazing memories, laugh too much, talk too much, buy art from our favorite artists and make a few foolish choices. Life to too short to do anything else!

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