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Megacon done. Onwards to "Chess"!

What an incredible weekend I had at Megacon Orlando, 2018. I was a part of two panels, Hair and Makeup in Steampunk and Steampunk Literature for the Central Florida Costumer's Guild and Central Florida Steampunk Association. I was interviewed by the Hangin' With Web Show and by the Pow Wow Show. My Edna Mode turned out to be incredibly fun to wear and I spent about 2 hours chasing down cosplayers with capes for pictures of Edna lecturing them. Professor Sprout is always fun and I met the most incredible Harry Potter family cosplay group I have ever seen. Truly phenomenal and thank you for letting us be in photo shoots with you! Ursula was as purple and tentacley as ever however I think our Moana group stole the show. From the moment we got into the convention center, we couldn't go more than a few feet without being stopped for photos. It was truly humbling to have so many little kids in awe. We got random knee hugs and one tiny Moana told me that she watched me every day. Talk about emotionally rewarding. It really was a fantastic reminder that it is all about the love.

As soon as Megacon was over, I jumped right into my next project. I'm costume designer for the Brevard Country Summer Fine Arts Program. I'll be representing the south county performance of "Chess, the Musical" that will be performed at the Satellite Beach High School. Our start date was May 29th and we go live June 28th to June 30th. Many many thanks to the Pheonix Foundation of Central Florida for bringing back this fantastic program that helps encourage arts in our schools. I'll be costuming about 50 kids, most with multiple costumes so this is a wonderful challenge.

Huge thanks to Melbourne Civic Theater, Tara Ose, and Joan Taddie and Leslie McGinty for donating/loaning costumes. I am still in need of smaller pieces. If you have any 80's suits or shirts, blouses or skirts that are size medium or small, and you want to lend or donate them, please reach out to me. With about a month total, I won't have time for major alterations so I'm trying my best to get pieces that fit enough that any alterations are minor.

I just have to say, these kids are insanely talented. This is a project that is so close to my heart because school theater is one of the things that helped me survive high school and set me on a path I've been walking since I was about 11 years old. I can still remember being a munchkin in "The Wizard of Oz" in elementary school and playing "Kurt", the youngest son in "The Sound of Music" in Junior High. You know... heh, I just realized I've been cross-acting for much longer than I give myself credit for.

I truly hope that everyone reading this comes to see our production. We need support from you, the community, to keep programs like this going. Let's all show the Phoenix Foundation that these are funds well invested and give them every reason they could need to keep funding this program in the future.

Break a leg to the cast and crew of "Chess". It is my honor to get the opportunity to work with all of you and I can't wait to see the magic we create together.

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