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Moving right along!

I just realized it's been over two months since my last blog post. It's been a wonderful couple of months, so I'll just take a quick minute to update what I've been up to.

"Chess" was amazing. I had the opportunity to work with a synergistic team and the most amazingly talented youth I've met yet. There are some real future stars developing here in Brevard County and I'm honored to have been part of their theater experience.

Once "Chess" was concluded, it was time to return home for a family reunion. I took my camera with me and made it a multi-purpose trip with family pictures and pictures for my collection on Shutterstock. I still have about 200 pictures to process and get uploaded but that has taken a bit of a back seat lately.

Following the trip home, I applied for and was given the chance to work for Surfside Theater as costume designer for the upcoming musical "Young Frankenstein." Once they see how I handle that show, I will be the primary costume designer for the theater. Auditions are September 16 and 17 so come out and try out! I can't wait to get started on that project.

I also have had the amazing opportunity to work on the Orlando 48-hour film challenge and our entry "Lotus" touches on dealing with suicide and I've very proud to have been part of it.

I'm also working on an upcoming feature length film with the amazing actor and producer Jeff Williams and script written by Sarah Goras Peterson. Her script is just amazing, and I think this one really has the potential to go huge. We'll begin filming that one in September and I'm working props and costumes.

I've become an ordained minister so I'm not available to officiate weddings and I have continued working with closed captioning and finished a feature length film and have two more in post-production that I'll be captioning.

October will be "Young Frankenstein" and the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival where there are several films that I have been involved with showing. It's going to be a blast to walk the red carpet with the cast and crew of "Ask God" and "The Model".

November will be fun as well, as I'm working on a short film, a feature film, and "Young Frankenstein" will be showing!

I know I'm not the best at keeping up with documenting my life because I'm just so darn busy living it but stop by occasionally and I'll try to be more diligent. Thank you for reading and let's create something together in the future. Film, theater, or even a custom costume, I'm in!

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