• Jennifer Frandsen

Returning to Myself

First, let me start by apologizing for the long time between posts. I had a minor stroke on November 18th. It left me hospitalized for 3 days and home bound for about a month, while I learned how to talk and walk somewhat normally again. I felt trapped in a broken human suit and it has not been fun coming back. I suffered weakness in my left side and a few other lingering issues that I am working on. One of the reasons this update was delayed is teaching myself how to type again.

While I in no ways recommend having a stoke and am changing my lifestyle to prevent another, I will say that having a stroke really made my feel the love in my life. I am very self-sufficient. I do what I need to accomplish my goals. Being dependent on others has always been a nightmare for me. Learning to lean on others was the second most valuable part of this experience. The first being learning that I have such amazing family and friends to lean on. I felt loved like I never have before.

I am slowly returning to myself with the help of family and friends. Special thanks to the talented seamstess volunteers and cast of "The Crucible" for helping so much in the costuming. I could not have pulled this off without you.

I'm back to my normal antics but I'm not pushing as hard or committing to everything. If I say No more often, please understand that while my desire to help everyone hasn't changed, my ability to do so is limited. I have learned to love myself as much as anyone else. That means some days I barely have enough energy to get out of bed and other days I am the same as I used to be. I thank you all for being so patient and caring of me as I learn this new version of me. I am grateful beyond words that I'm still me inside here.


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