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My America

My America is dying. I am watching it gasping for breath as surely as my friends who are Covid-19 positive. Our government is the relative that is standing around saying “I don't know how this happened. I wasn't there. I can't do ANYTHING to help.” They interfere with the doctors and question every rational suggestion they make. I don't know for sure if it is gross incompetence, a total lack of empathy for anyone else, greed, hate or indifference. I think it is some horrible combination of all of that. We cannot rely on our government to get us out of this any more than we could rely on an uncle to treat our sick loved one. If they aren't going to help, can they at least not hurt? Hiding the numbers, refusing to help the people out of work during this, lining their pockets and the pockets of their friends with the limited assistance they do give...enough.

We do not have to comply. Stop arguing and start doing. Do not send your child back to school if it is not safe. Do not go back to work if it is not safe. We are letting them use us like livestock. There is a term used by economists. Human capital stock. Quick research on it.

One article from each side of the issue. Perhaps it is a “commonly” used term but its roots are questionable at best and the intent behind the use was extremely clear. We are stock, little pegs and gears meant to keep the wheel turning and the status quo. Stop letting them use us as tools. We are people and our government, for the most part, seems to have forgotten that. They wail that if they pay us enough to survive long enough to beat this disease by NOT spreading it, that we might get so comfortable living on the help we won't go back to work.

One. I love my job and I want it back. It pays shit but I want to be doing something and I think most of my fellow citizens do.

Two. Yes, there will be those who enjoy the fact that they are making more by not working than working but stop and think about that for a minute. If a citizen is making more on the bare minimum the government is paying to survive than they would at a job, why is the problem that we are giving them to much assistance? Why isn't the outrage that minimum wage IS NOT the minimum you need to survive? Why does our government keep blaming poverty, crime and lack of education on the very citizens it condemns to that fate with its carelessness and indifference?

My America is dying. Just like an intubated patient at the hospital, it is at the point now where its prognosis for survival is going down each day. Stop standing around crying about how sad it is and start trying to fix it. The solution is simple.

Do what you can to help when you can.

That's it.

Just help.

Stop watching and start helping. If you won't stand up for America now, you may not have to worry about it in the future. That should scare the hell out of you. Take a moment to play this out in your head and ask yourself if you want to live in that dystopian horror. If not, help. If you are not in a place to help others, work on yourself. Maybe the help you can give is just speaking up for others when you can or looking deeply at your own racial or societal biases and work on fixing them.

It's all the help I can give right now. That's completely fine. Just don't give up. Each of us can work on making ourselves a better human which will make us a better neighbor, friend, family member and citizen.

At the least, if you cannot help, stay out of the way of those who are. Stop spreading disinformation, lies, and things meant to drive us apart.

So please, if you can't help my dying country, get the hell away from the hospital bed and let those who can, do.

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